Digestive Endoscopy

Click4Catch™ Polyp Trap


Accurate specimen identification and minimize the exposure to collected biomaterials



GAR023 Click4Catch™ Polyp Trap, 12pcs
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    The ANDORATE™ four-chamber trap helps reduce procedure time by eliminating the need for hand screening and filtering and allows quick retrieval of polyp specimens. Safe and secure polyp trap that protects against retrieval failure.

    Featuring four capture chambers to enable accurate identification and localization of multiple specimens, the four-chamber polyp is designed to filter specimens helping to minimize time and exposure to bodily fluids

  • Retrieval of multiple polyps with uninterrupted suction
  • With clear lid
  • Removable large chambers with numbered
  • Double filter to ensure all the polyps are trapped
  • Convenient retrieval
  • DEHP Free
  • Includes 1 Polyp Pick
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