Digestive Endoscopy

Andorate Valves System

by Andorate

2 piece set contains Suction and Air/Water Valves



GAR004C GAR004 GAR046 Auxiliary Water Connector
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  • Overview

    Reprocessing protocols for reusable devices can be long and confusing for healthcare employees. Coupled with the need to turn equipment over faster, reprocessing steps can be overlooked, causing cross-contamination, patient infection and even deaths. Don’t bring unwanted scrutiny to your facility. Single use medical devices is the answer to prevent infection in endoscopy procedures and proactively protect patients and staff. Backed by over three decades of expertise in manufacturing medical devices, our air water valve system is a complete single-use solution that performs at a 0.01% margin of error when operated under recommended guidelines. Andorate rigorously tests and monitors each component during manufacturing for the highest quality assurance. Using cutting edge technology, we minimize sticking and leaking issues for a smooth surgery. Cutting edge technology eliminates the need for applying silicon oil that can migrate down the scope and cause lens clouding.


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