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Evolution and New Steps | UpViser Spain

Evolution and New Steps within UpViser: David del Olmo Embarks on a New Journey at the Helm of UpViser Spain

April 2024

Welcome to the blog!

In this entry, we sit down with David del Olmo, the newly appointed CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and entrepreneur of UpViser Spain. David provides a clear and passionate vision for the future of the company and its goals to continue advancing in the fields of medicine they work in and collaborate with.

Tell us, Who is David del Olmo?

I suppose I’m passionate about change and evolution. I graduated in law, but I always knew my path would be different. I’ve spent over 15 years living between Finland and Spain, which has given me a way to integrate different customs and perspectives. When I was younger, I was actively involved in the local music scene with the idea of making things better, and this has been a constant in my life. These days, with the new situation I’ve decided to face in UpViser, I try to reconcile what I was with what I want to be.

What is the Vision and Objectives for the future at UpViser?

I interpret our work as an organization committed to humanizing the distribution of medical products and supporting various social sectors. We would like to emphasize the importance of continuing to offer high-quality products, generating even more trust among medical professionals and patients, and promoting innovation and collaboration in the industry.

What could you tell us about UpViser’s Core Values

The Nordic philosophy permeates UpViser’s values from the start and they are based on honesty, authenticity, social responsibility and collaboration. That is why we strive to offer solutions that work and are of high quality; and at the same time, increasingly collaborate with associations and foundations to contribute to the well-being of society.

What can you tell us about Innovation and Future Projects?

For years now, we have been committed to disease prevention and empowering people to take control of their own health; a task that is not easy in general. We are also collaborating on the application of innovative medical solutions, such as extracting the stromal fraction from fat and improving the prevention and control of diseases in digestive endoscopy. In addition, UpViser seeks to find more affordable preventive solutions for doctors and surgeons, benefiting all parties involved. I suppose that’s one of the things that drives us to travel many miles.

How do you collaborate with the medical areas you excel in?

We have always wanted to be very transparent in this field and we do so by offering training and knowledge about the products and solutions we provide. We spend a lot of time in plastic and endoscopy operating rooms to share their experiences and complement ours.

How do you add value to Patient Safety and Well-being?

Through surgical simplification, the use of high-quality materials, and continuous training.

Tell us a little about UpViser’s Future

We aspire to reach new places where our work and solutions can make a positive difference in patient care. Right now, we are heavily involved in Spain and Portugal, although we do not rule out future projects in other locations.

Challenges and Future Perspectives Are you ready?

As I mentioned earlier, we are driven by something more than inertia, and that lightens the pressure of swimming in a competitive market. We believe in organic growth and in taking care of our co-workers and clients. We used to manage everything from Helsinki, Finland and now we have our office and warehouse in Paiporta, Valencia, where we directly employ four people and plan to find soon someone else who shares our values and ideas.

Call to Action. Tell us, David!

Well, I would like to emphasize the need for equal opportunities for small companies in the sector at events and conferences. It is very important to be able to offer economically accessible commercial stands – with fewer square meters, for example – so that everyone can shine in their own way. I am convinced that we will see new faces, new products, and good future collaborations.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards the future of medicine with UpViser.


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